Custom concrete resurfacing and custom epoxy floor services!

From pool decks to basements, from porches to garages, from kitchens to patios, whether a concrete resurfacing or an epoxy floor project, let’s create something incompatible and inimitable!

We’re proud of what we do, and we do it to the best of our knowledge.
Your satisfaction is our number one priority; after all, it is our name that we are laying down.
Our goal is always to produce the best work possible. After all, if you (the client) are not calling us for a referral or a barbeque, it’s not good phone call. Offering our floor services at the highest possible quality will ensure just that!

We are happily serving the Apison, TN and surrounding areas! Please check our service areas to see how we may assist with your next project!

Please browse through our work and see which epoxy floor or concrete resurfacing project best suits your needs.

Whether it be inside or outside, “mancave” or garage, make sure to call us for your next concrete resurfacing or epoxy floor project!


Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing | Decorative Concrete | Concrete Stone Look | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy

Brand new patio? Driveway?
It doesn’t have to be ugly and boring.
Allow us to make it stand out and truly bring it to life!
With our decorative concrete service, we’ll take that dead looking concrete and make it something truly worth looking at!
Oh yeah, let’s not forget, stronger and longer lasting!

Decorative Concrete

Concrete Resurfacing | Decorative Concrete | Concrete Wood Look | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy

Damaged concrete?
Too many cracks to count?
“Potholes” deep enough to fit a golf ball?
No worries, as long as we can work with it, we got it covered!
Allow us to beautify your slab with our concrete resurfacing service!
We’ll take your dull, boring and most likely damaged concrete and not only make it a showcase worthy of being shown, but we’ll also make it stronger and increase its longevity!

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck Resurfacing | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy

Your pool will make a statement, regardless of which way the pendulum swings.
A solid backyard with a beautiful and function pool sounds like an oasis. A place you actually want to spend time at.
A crummy backyard with a banged-up pool deck sounds like a headache. A costly headache at that.

Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Floor | Metallic Epoxy Floor | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy

Thinking of new floors for your kitchen? Living room? Basement?
Our epoxy floor service may be just what the doctor ordered!
We love our children and pets, but that does not mean our floors should pay the price!

Nor should we be replacing our floors before their time.
Our epoxy floor systems are not only chemical/scratch/slip resistant, but they are also marvelous and drop dead gorgeous!
Oh yeah, they’re also easy on the maintenance department as well.

Garage Epoxy Floor

Garage Epoxy Floor | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy Flooring

Odds are, your garage does NOT look this good.
That’s why we’re here!
Odds are, your garage is not this practical and maintenance free.
That’s why we’re here!
And I KNOW if the first two were a no go, there is NO WAY your garage is chemical, scratch or slip resistant.
That’s why we’re here!

With our garage epoxy floor service, we can transform your rusted, cracked and grimy slab into a beautiful, stronger, slip resistant and longer lasting garage that is virtually maintenance free!
And for those that work in their garage (or out of their garage) or want the ultimate package, we can also make it chemical resistant as well!

Our garage epoxy floor systems are also great in heavy foot traffic due to their exceptionally low maintenance and durability!
As good as these floors are though, they are not recommended outside.

Click below to find out why!

Self-Leveling Concrete

Self-Leveling Concrete | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy

Concrete so out of level that you can feel it when walking?
Can’t finish your basement or man cave area because you cannot put down any sort of flooring on it due to concrete high and low points?

With our self-leveling concrete service, that will be a thing in the past!
We will take that bumpy, crummy, possibly patched up, crappy concrete and give you a flat smooth service that we (or you) can work with, so you (or we) can finish your project and finally enjoy your space!

Click below to find out exactly how we can help you finish your basement, man-cave area, and any other indoor space!

Sloping Concrete Cap

Sloping Concrete Cap | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy

Do you have standing water on your back porch?
Or worse yet, you have water flowing towards your home instead of away from it?

Our sloping concrete cap is the permanent solution that you’ve been looking for!
We will take your wanky leveled slab and ensure that water, whether be running towards the structure or just standing there, will no longer be a concern!

Click below and find out how we get there!

P.S. the picture above is a sloping concrete cap with a sprayed texture finish. It is NOT just the sloping concrete cap installed.

Seal Concrete

Concrete is probably the best “bang for the buck” material to do slab foundations, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Thus, that’s why we use it for such things.

However, it is outside, therefore, at the bare minimum, it needs to be protected.

Don’t want anything fancy, but still want your concrete protected?

Then our seal concrete service is exactly what you need to prolong the life of your investment!

Reseal Concrete

So, you’ve sealed your concrete, and you may think it’s a one and done thing, right?

Or we did a beautiful overlay for your and you may think it’s done forever, right?


As the sealer wears away, concrete will need to be resealed every so often in order to ensure that your concrete (or our work) is protected from mother nature and to ensure maximum longevity!

Grind and seal concrete

Need to protect your inside concrete, but don’t want anything fancy?
Maybe it’s your basement or your barbershop?

Or maybe you like the look of concrete, but you also know that good polishing means good money?

Our grind and seal service is the perfect solution!

Let’s concrete chemical and scratch resistant, without getting too fancy and without breaking the bank!

Service Areas

– Hamilton County, TN.
– Apison, TN.
Chattanooga, TN.
– Cleveland, TN.
– Collegedale, TN.
– East Brainerd, TN.
– East Ridge, TN.
– Harrison, TN.
– Hixson, TN.
– McDonald, TN.
– Ooltewah, TN.
– Ringgold, GA.
– Fort Oglethorpe, GA.
– Rossville, GA.
– Dalton, GA.


Why us?

For starters, we keep it simple.
First Sergeant use to always say to us, “break it down Barney-style for me.” For those of you that have no idea who Barney is, Barney was a purple dinosaur in a little kids show who always explained things in the simplest of levels.
First Sergeants’ point when he said that?
Explain it to me so a five-year-old can understand it!
After all, if you cannot explain it to a five-year-old, odds are, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Second, we ask a lot a of questions.
Reason being?
We are trying to truly understand what it is that you want, in order to get you the best results, for your needs.
We’re not going to sell you something you don’t need nor will ever use. Sure, we can make a few dollars more, but you as a reference is worth a lot more than the few bucks we would make by upselling.

Third, knowledge of our products. It helps tremendously knowing what goes well where and well, what does not.

Part of the job is to educate you. Why on earth would you let ANYONE do ANYTHING in your house that cannot explain what it is that they’re doing, what are they using and why, and how they’re going to do it?
Yeah, you wouldn’t. And neither would we.
It’s really easy to make something sound so simple when you know what you’re talking about.

Lastly, we’re honest. Yeah, everyone says that. We know.
Give us 5 minutes, we’ll prove it.
For starters, we don’t say things like “4x stronger than epoxy” or sales gimmick like “lifetime warranty.” 
We keep it simple. We keep it real.

And to end this one on high note.
it also makes it really easy to suggest an alternative when we legitimately believe that what you are trying to do is NOT the best option for what you want to accomplish.

Most people do not like to have their ideas shot down, Its human nature, it’s in our DNA. However, when you break it down barney style as to WHY that is not a good idea, most people will go “wow, I had no idea. What do you suggest?”
And that’s when every point we’ve just made comes together.  

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