Sloping Concrete Cap

Do you have standing water on your back porch?
Or worse yet, you have water flowing towards your home instead of away from it?

Here at Rossi DCE, we place quality as our #1 focus in everything we do!
With our sloping concrete cap service, you will finally have an actual solution instead of a Band-Aid!

We can take say your back porch and go from this
(video helps to show better the issues: negative slop and standing water)

And turn into THIS!

Sloping Concrete Cap | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy

P.S. This picture was taken after installing the cap and doing a spray texture over the sloping concrete cap.
Obviously, you can’t tell that the issue is fixed from looking at this picture.
With that said, the client would have never paid us, much less left an amazing review on Google Business Profile, if we did not solve the issue and of course, made it a much more charming environment.

Sloping Concrete Cap - OVERVIEW

Sloping Concrete Cap - Table of Contents

Sloping Concrete Cap - What Exactly is it?

A concrete cap is nothing more than using a concrete repair material to restore the surface. A sloping concrete cap is the same thing, but now with an added slope. The purpose of a sloping concrete cap is to change the pitch of the concrete. It is usually needed when you have water running towards the structure (sometimes referred to as negative slope) or you have standing water (meaning, no slope. That’s why the water doesn’t go anywhere).
Whether it be your house or building, having water running to the foundation (instead of away from it) of that structure is not a good thing.

Thus, why we do our sloping concrete cap to solve your problem!

Sloping Concrete Cap – Process

In just about everything that you do, there is a process to ensure that your task is successful. Our sloping concrete cap service is no exception.
And due to the nature of the activity itself, this particular task requires extra attention from us.
There may be more than one correct and effective way to do a task, your floor included, but this is how we go about it.
Here’s a brief overview;

  1. Prepare the surface.
    The floor needs to be prepped in order for the sloping concrete cap material bond to it. Have you ever tried to stick tape to a dirty surface?
    No good, right?
    This is no different. That’s why this is probably one of the most important steps.
    Each surface will have its own set of requirements as far as preparation go. Do not worry though, we will make sure to go over what preparation is required for your surface when we give you a quote.
  2. Prep the slop lines
    Now that the surface is nice and prepped, let’s get to work.
    We start by creating slop lines and we make sure that they are all leveled with each other and that the slope is the same from line to line.
    This process is the most tedious and time consuming of it all. Also, the most important. The sloping concrete cap will only be deemed a success if this phase is done correctly.
  3. Once everything is good and all the lines are levelled with each other and at the correct slope that we need it to be, time to lay down the material!
    Two options are: Slow setting and fast setting.
    The two main differences between the two (aside cost: faster setting costs more) are cure times and the height difference.
    The fast-setting material we can literally start at zero and go from there. While the slower-setting material we must start at minimum half inch.
    The fast-setting material we could potentially start working on it after 1 hour (presumably we’re not too tired) from finishing it. While the slower-setting material we need to wait about 72 hours to get back on it.
    Unless you cannot wait a few extra days, meaning, you need the project done by X date no matter what AND unless you cannot spare the height difference, meaning, you cannot start at a half inch, you must start at zero because by the time we get back to the door it’ll be too high and block a door or something, we usually recommend the slower-setting material.
    It’s more cost effective and easier for us to work with.
  4. Test it
    Once the material is hardened and cured enough to work on it, we test the sloping concrete cap to make sure it will do exactly what it is meant to do.
    We take the hose and simulate rain to make sure there are no standing puddles and that the water indeed flows in the direction we need it to flow.
  5. Touch ups if needed
    If it all came out star-spangled banner great, then awesome!
    We are done right here.
    If not, say there’s a low spot somewhere or something, we touch up that spot and any other spots needed and boom!
    We’re done with the sloping concrete cap!
    Job completed!
    as recommended, we will wait the allotted time to come back and finish the project with one of decorative concrete resurfacing services.
*** Keep in mind that if the service is just the cap, it will most likely look pretty unattractive.
And we will state that before doing just the sloping concrete cap so you we are all on the same page.
We don’t really care what it looks like because the point isn’t to look pretty, but to solve the negative slope/standing water problem. ***
If you want it to look pretty, be stronger and last longer, we can do some sort of decorative concrete resurfacing over the sloping concrete cap.
Which by the way, it’s what we recommend anyways to make sure that not only the problem is fixed, but it looks beautiful as well!eant


There’s a lot more to it, do not get me wrong, but this is just so you get the gist of it.

Sloping Concrete Cap – Benefits

Unlike any of the other services we offer, the only true benefit to this is to ensure that the water flows where it needs to flow.
Usually that means away from the structure.
And that there is no standing water anywhere.

Whether we do something afterwards, maybe some sort of decorative concrete resurfacing finish on it, which we’d be more than happy to do so, that’s a different conversation. 

Keep it in mind as well, these sloping concrete caps are rather ugly to look at, and we most definitely recommend something over it.
And we’d be more than happy to finish it off with one of our decorative concrete resurfacing services!

Just no paint. Please, no paint. You will be calling us sooner than later to fix it.

Sloping Concrete Cap - Great! Where can I get this done?

Good question!
And the answer to that is kind is everywhere, so as long as it is outside.

Patios, porches, even pool decks depending on how everything is set up, are all places we’d recommend.

There is literally no need to do this inside due to the fact that we’re not trying to get the water to flow anywhere: it’s inside.
Unless of course, you have some sort of indoor pool or something.

If you think you need your basement sloped or something, consider our self-leveling concrete service instead.
Unless for some reason I cannot think of, you need it sloped. Then this is the service for you!


Sloping Concrete Cap - Everything sounds awesome! How much?

Another great question!
Not so easy to answer.

Some of the factors included are.
– Size of project.
– Access to project (is it relatively easy to get to or will it be a pain in the butt to get things to the job site?)
– Condition of current surface (meaning, is it brand new or will it need a lot of TLC?).
– Is there already another floor coating (or flooring that will need to be removed) or painting on it?
– Your timeframe (meaning, do you need it done yesterday or can it be added to the current schedule?).

And probably one of the most, if not the most, important factors:

– How long IS the slop line of the cap going to be?

Here is an example.
Person A could have a 30×8 patio while person B has a 20×12 patio.
Even though it’s the same square footage on both jobs, Person A will have to go at difference of roughly 2 inches from start to finish.
Meanwhile, Person B who will have to go at a difference of roughly 3 inches from start to finish.

The longer (and essentially steeper) the slope line from the start point to the finish point, the more material/time/labor will be needed to complete.

See how it’s not an easy answer?

Want to know exactly how much your sloping concrete cap project is going to actually cost?
Reach out to us today so we schedule an estimate and get you an exact number for your investment!

Sloping Concrete Cap – Final Thoughts

If you read the whole article, great! We hope we were super detailed and informative.
if you kind of skimmed through it, that’s fine too, we’re sure we’ll go over everything in detail when we give you a quote for your project.
Please check our service areas to make sure we service your area and if not, what to do to get us out there! 

Either way, if we missed something here, or there is something else that you’d like to know, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can clarify your question(s) for you.

Sloping Concrete Cap – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question #1 – My concrete is badly damaged. Will this sloping concrete cap fix it?
 – In most cases, yes it will!
However, if the concrete is in THAT bad of a condition: say the concrete is failing, has sunken, clear signs of being that badly degraded, your best bet may be to rip out and replace.
All things have an expiration date, and such said concrete has most definitely reached it.

Question #2 – If I do have to replace the concrete, will you do it?
– No, we will not. We do not pour concrete.

Question #3 – My concrete is cracked. Once filled and this sloping concrete cap completed, will it crack again?
– In short, maybe. We fill the cracks with the best materials we can get our hands on. With that said, due to so many variables, those cracks may come back or, they may be formed in a different area.
(I want someone to tell me when has mankind ever won a fight against mother nature. This is no different)

Question #4 – How long will this sloping concrete cap last?
– Most likely, the duration of the concrete that it is being installed on.

Question #5 – I know you said the cap was going to look pretty crummy (you’ve only mentioned it like a zillion times), but hey, I like the way it came out. Can I leave it like that?
– Yes, you can leave it as is.
The sloping concrete cap is made from concrete repair material therefore, it can stay outside no problem.
With that said though, that does not mean we recommend to just stand there.
We recommend a bare minimum of sealing it to ensure it is protected.

Did we miss anything?
Let us know if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns about our sloping concrete cap service.

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