Reseal Concrete

Is it time to reseal your concrete again? Not sure?

If your concrete is outside, it needs to be protected. Period.
Mother nature is not kind to anything that stays out in the open exposed, including your concrete.
Sealing concrete is not a one and done thing. Like changing oil in your car.
It’d be nice to do it once and be done with, but that’s not how it works.
So, in order to make sure your concrete lasts as long as it should last, it needs to be resealed.

Here at Rossi DCE, we place quality as our #1 focus in everything we do!
Our reseal concrete service will give you the peace of mind that your concrete will remain protected, and that the job was done correctly with the best materials possible!

Please keep in mind that aesthetics is NOT the focus with this service. 

Meaning, if there are repairs of any kind needed, we will gladly do them, but keep in mind, they will stick out like a sore thumb.

Reseal concrete - OVERVIEW

Reseal concrete - Table of Contents

Reseal concrete - What Exactly is it?

The concrete sealer material comes as a water base product or a solvent base product.
We live in Tennessee not Miami, so we prefer solvent base.
It is stronger, and it will last longer.

The material that we use to reseal concrete is solvent base, UV stable, acrylic copolymer material.

And as we’ve stated, the purpose of this service is to keep protecting the concrete (or our work) to make sure your investment lasts as long as it should.

Two things to remember when resealing your concrete; it is ONLY as good as the concrete it is bonding to AND the preparation done beforehand.

Reseal concrete - Process

In just about everything that you do, there is a process to ensure that your task is successful. Our reseal concrete service is no exception.
There may be more than one correct and effective way to do a task, your floor included, but this is how we go about it.
Here’s a brief overview;

  1. Strip old sealer.
    Presumably that we did not seal your concrete, we have to remove it.
    Simple: we do not work on top of anyone’s work AND we have no idea who used what.
    Therefore, we need to remove what is currently there and start fresh
  2. Prepare the surface.
    The surface needs to be prepped in order for the concrete sealer to bond to it. Have you ever tried to stick tape to a dirty surface?
    No good, right?
    This is no different. That’s why this is probably the most important step.
    Each surface will have its own set of requirements as far as preparation go.
    Do not worry though, we will make sure to go over what preparation is required for your surface when we give you a quote.
  3. Repairs (if any).
    Once surface is prepped and ready for us to do our reseal concrete service, we will repair what was agreed upon as per contract.
  4. Time to seal it.
    Once all the repairs are made (if any), time to seal the concrete.
    We preferred to roll it instead of spraying it.
    Reason being?
    Ensure there are no puddles, and that we got the sealer on every square inch of the surface evenly.

    Can someone else spray it and do as good of a job?
    The chances of something going wrong, to us, just aren’t worth it.


There’s a lot more to it, do not get me wrong, but this is just so you get the gist of it.

Reseal concrete – Benefits

Unlike any of the other services we offer, the only real benefit to this service is to keep the surface protected.

Unlike our other services that will give you an awesome unique aesthetic, this a protective layer, not a decorative or pretty layer.

Reseal concrete - Great! Where can I get this done?

Good question!
And the answer to that is kind is anywhere outside!

Driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, anywhere you have concrete, and it is hanging outside for mother nature to eat through it.


Reseal concrete - Since I need it, how much?

Another great question!
Not so easy to answer.

Some of the factors included are.
– Size of project.
– Access to project (is it relatively easy to get to or will it be a pain in the butt to get things in there?)
– Condition of current surface (meaning, is it brand new or will it need a lot of TLC?).
– Your timeframe (meaning, do you need it done yesterday or can it be added to the current schedule?).

And this last one brings a good point.

How smooth is the current surface?
Reason why we ask is simple: sealed concrete will make the surface a bit more slippery. If there is no grip, we may have to add some. That will cost more.

See how it’s not an easy answer?

Want to know exactly how much your reseal concrete project is going to cost?
Reach out to us today so we schedule an estimate and get you an exact number for your investment!

Reseal concrete – Final Thoughts

Probably the shortest page explaining one of our services we wrote! lol

Even though there wasn’t much to write, we hope we were super detailed and informative.

This is one of those maintenance services (like changing the oil in your vehicle) that just needs to be done.
We do not consider this a “luxury” service. No, we consider this a “required” service.
(We cannot make you, or anyone, do anything, but you guys know what we meant.)

The goal here is not to turn anyone into a professional, but so they have a general idea of what is going on and what to expect.
if you kind of skimmed through it, that’s fine too, we’re sure we’ll go over everything in detail when we give you a quote for your project.
Please check our service areas to make sure we service your area and if not, what to do to get us out there! 

Either way, if we missed something here, or there is something else that you’d like to know, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can clarify your question(s) for you.

Reseal concrete – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question #1 – My concrete was sealed already. Why do I need this service in the first place?
 – Same way the oil in your vehicle has to be changed so often, the filter in your vacuum has to be cleaned so often, your concrete needs to be sealed as well. It’s part of good maintenance.

Question #2 – How long will the reseal concrete last?
– Very hard to say. Too many variables to be able to truly come up with an answer.
Realistically though, up to 24 months.
Could it be 6 months? yep.
Could be 12 months? yep.
Could be 24 months? yep.

Question #3 – How will I know if I need to reseal the concrete?
– That’s easy. Make sure the area you want to test is not wet or was not wet recently.
Take a little bit of water and pour on the area with the highest traffic spot.
If in a few minutes, nothing happens, odds are you are good. Say the concrete absorbs it, you need sealer.

Reseal concrete can be a messy process. If that ends up being the case and you don’t want to do it, call us!
We’ll be more than happy to reseal concrete for you!

Did we miss anything?
Let us know if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns about our reseal concrete service.

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