Metallic Epoxy Floor

Here at Rossi DCE, we place quality as our #1 focus in everything we do!
With our metallic epoxy floor, you can transform your basement, kitchen, “caveman” floor, or any room you’d like, from boring, weak and high maintenance to a strong, beautiful, chemical resistant and very low maintenance in order to give your space the finishing touch it needs!

Let’s not forget those commercial spaces!
Barbershop, Saloon, Tattoo shop, the list goes on!
Perfect appearance to give your clients that “wow” factor as soon as they walk in!
And even better on handling the day-to-day grind! 

Metallic Epoxy Floor - OVERVIEW

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What Exactly is it?

100% Solids epoxy, some may know it as concrete epoxy floor, commercial grade epoxy, epoxy concrete floor, epoxy resin floor, and the list goes on, is not a new material and it is not new to the flooring scene.
Our metallic epoxy floors are commercial grade, chemical, scratch and if you’d like, slip resistant; from the get-co, that may not be said about LVT, hardwood or laminate flooring.

Thus, these metallic epoxy floors thrive in basements, kitchens, and just about any other area, whether cooking, small children or if you have pets, they handle really well the beating given by our loved ones. We love our children and pets, and well, cooking is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean our floors need to show that everyday abuse, right?

Whether residential or commercial, our commercial grade metallic epoxy coating will cover your existing floor, bonding to it and creating an exceptionally strong new floor that will last years to come!

Two things to remember when doing this metallic epoxy floor over your existing concrete; it is ONLY as good as the surface it is bonding to AND the preparation done beforehand.
(And boy, have we seen people skip that.)

Metallic Epoxy Floor – Process

In just about everything that you do, there is a process to ensure that your task is successful. Our metallic epoxy floors are no exception to that rule.
There may be more than one correct and effective way to do something, your floor included, but this is how we go about it.
Here’s a brief overview;

  1. Prepare the surface.
    The floor needs to be prepped in order for the epoxy to bond to it. Have you ever tried sticking tape to a dirty surface?
    Doesn’t work, right?
    This is no different. That’s why we consider this one of, if not the, most important step.
  2. Vapor Barrier.
    Depending on the location, and if needed (we’re not some sleezy used sales car people, if you don’t need it, you don’t need. Period), as far as we’re concern, this step is just as crucial too. The purpose of the vapor barrier is to help mitigate moisture. Industrial grade epoxy is not breathable a material. Thus, overtime, water issues may arise. We don’t like issues; We’re assuming you don’t either. Thus, why if needed, we consider this step exceptionally important. 
  3. Prime time!
    Now we lay down a coat of epoxy primer to guarantee our metallic epoxy floors are getting the best bond possible!
  4. Lay down the base coat.
    Once the surface is prepped, vapor barrier installed (if needed), and primer down, it’s time to go to work!
    Time to lay down the first layer of your metallic epoxy floor!
  5. Lay down the Flood coat
    Base coat is on, Sweet!
    Now it’s time for the flood coat.
    This is the coat that’s going to give you that flow, the marble look, the money coat, the “wow” factor!
    Do not misunderstand us though, even though this is technically the money coat in the metallic epoxy floor system, the basecoat is just as important.
  6. Topcoat
    Now that everything is in place, let’s finish your metallic epoxy floor with our clear topcoat!
    Depending on the look you are going for (gloss or matte) will determine which topcoat we use.


There’s a lot more to it, do not get me wrong, but this is just so you get the gist of it.


Now that you have an overview of our process, here are a few different ways we can go about it.
Check out our metallic epoxy floor styles below!

Style #1 – Metallic single color

This is a single-color metallic epoxy floor.
This particular one in the video is a single-color pearl metallic epoxy floor.
We believe this one came out exceptionally beautiful and elegant without going too crazy with the colors.
Worth the watch!
(It’s only 30 seconds)

Style #2 – Metallic multi color

Epoxy Floor | Garage Epoxy Floor | Metallic Epoxy Floor | Basement Metallic Epoxy Floor | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy
Epoxy Floor | Metallic Epoxy Floor | Basement Metallic Epoxy Floor | Chattanooga, TN | Rossi Decorative Concrete & Epoxy

This is a multi-color metallic epoxy floor. This one gives you a much rich and interesting flow.
This one is mixes in all the colors you like to give you a beautiful work of art!
We understand that this may be a bit too busy for some, but we still think it comes out awesome!

Style #3 – Marble metallic epoxy

Marble Metallic Epoxy Floor.
Because well?
The luxurious, vividness and elegant look of marble without the high maintenance and cost.
Oh yeah, and the strength and durability of 100% solids epoxy.
Let’s go!

P.S. 100% solids epoxy is ridiculously.
4x stronger than that is B.S.
Go read. Now. Click below.
4x stronger than epoxy or 4x stronger than garbage?

With a few different options to choose from, contact us today to find out which one is best suited for you!

Metallic Epoxy Floor – The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to getting your floor done with our commercial grade epoxy, regardless of which style you prefer.
Here’s to list a few:

Benefit #1 – Strength

Most concrete slabs will cure at somewhere around 2,500 to 4,000 psi. And as stated up top, most industrial grade epoxies will cure at around 8,000 psi to 11,000 psi. Depending on each mix scenario, that could be a fourfold increase in strength. Realistically though, you’re probably looking at somewhere around two, may three time stronger. Either way, your new garage floor will be much stronger than the garage concrete that you stare at every time you open your garage to go to work.

Benefit #2 – Chemical, scratch, and if you want it, slip resistant

There is a good change that your current floor is NOT chemical, scratch and slip resistant.
Laminate floors scratch, hardwood floor chip, and if you have tile, it may not be chemical resistant.
Ours, chemical, scratch and slip (if you want it), check, check and check!

Benefit #3 – Longevity

We all want the things we buy to last, right?
Our floors are made to last! Kids, pets, cooking, no problem!

Benefit #4 – Low maintenance

Most people are busy, period. We as humans like things that are easy and low maintenance. Nothing wrong with that.
Quick sweep and mop, done.
Next task!

Benefit #5 – Beauty

This one is kind of goes without saying, but hey, we’ll state it anyways.
Not only do we all want our things to last, but we also want them to be pretty and aesthetically pleasing.
Our epoxy floors totally knock it out of the park!
Yeah, sounds kind of bias, but hey, we believe it to be so regardless!

We believe it’s hard to argue with the benefits; from chemical, scratch and potentially slip resistant, to its low maintenance, durability and of course, its beauty.
Contact us today to get a quote for our metallic epoxy floor service!

This Metallic Epoxy Floor service sounds Great! Where can I get this done?

Good question!
And the answer to that is kind is everywhere, so as long as it is inside.
Kitchen epoxy floor, epoxy floor basement, even metallic epoxy countertops, some of the great places we’d recommend!

If you gave us a blank check and that came with a “I want this here, make it happen!” kind of attitude, then, absolutely!
We will make it happen; and it’ll last, for a while. We’ll explain why down below.

If you asked us, “Hey guys, does it make sense to put this stuff on my patio?” we will probably turn around and say, “how about our decorative concrete service instead? And if that’s too “busy” we can keep it simples with our concrete resurfacing service instead.”

We’ll keep this really short and really sweet. Commercial epoxy coatings are NOT breathable.
What does that essentially mean?
There’s a good chance that your outside concrete (driveway, sidewalk, pool patio, etc.) does NOT have a vapor barrier.
If we put a nonbreathable material over a concrete slab with no vapor barrier, moisture could potentially build up. Once enough moisture builds up, it’ll pop through the coating. You’ll have these “bubble” looking spots.

Have you ever heard of a time where mankind has EVER won against mother nature?
Yeah, neither have we. This is no different.

NOW, that is NOT to say it CANNOT be done.
This is where the whole blank check and “I want this here, make it happen!” attitude comes in!
It’s not that we cannot or will not do it; we could, and we would. Money talks though.

Another issue is that epoxy isn’t exactly UV stable. The topcoat will be, but it doesn’t stop the epoxy from discoloring, it just slows down the process.
The reason why the flake floor (commonly known as the garage epoxy floor), will fare BETTER outside is because the actual epoxy is under the flake.
The epoxy under the flake floor will still yellow, but no one will see it. And the flakes well, they won’t yellow out.

If you want our metallic epoxy floor on a certain surface, and you are not really sure if you should, give us shout so we can discuss it!

Metallic Epoxy Floor - Everything sounds great! Now, how much?

Another great question!
Not so easy to answer.

Some of the factors included are.
– Size of project.
– Style of project.
– Condition of current surface (meaning, is it brand new or will it need a lot of tlc).
– Is there already another floor coating (or type of floor that needs to be removed) or painting on it?
– Your timeframe (meaning, do you need it done yesterday or can it be added to the current schedule?).

Here is an example.
Person A could have a 600 ft2 basement while person B has a 1600 ft2 basement.
Person A went ahead and decided to paint theirs while person B has a fresh and clear concrete slab.
Person A has lots of cracks, chips, while person B has a brand new well poured concrete slab.

See how it’s not an easy answer?

We believe charging by the square foot is most definitely not the right way to go about it.
We charge by the job.
Because every job is different than the next. Therefore, so is the price tag for the project.

Want to know exactly how much your metallic epoxy floor project will actually cost?
Reach out to us today so we schedule an estimate and get you an exact number for your investment!

Final Thoughts

If you read the whole article, great! We hope we were super detailed and informative.
if you kind of skimmed through it, that’s fine too, we’re sure we’ll go over everything in detail when we give you a quote for your project.
Please check our service areas to make sure we service your area and if not, what to do to get us out there! 

Either way, if I missed something here, or there is something else that you’d like to know, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can clarify your question(s) for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question #1 – My concrete is badly damaged. Will this metallic epoxy floor fix it?
 – No! It most definitely will not!
If your concrete is failing, has sunken, clear signs of being that badly degraded, you may have to rip out and replace.
We may be able to save it with our self-leveling concrete service, but no, epoxy will not fix it.
All things have an expiration date, and such said concrete has most definitely reached it.

Question #2 – If I do have to replace the concrete, will you do it?
– No, we will not. We do not pour concrete.

Question #3 – My concrete is cracked. Once filled and epoxy applied, will it crack again?
– In short, maybe. We fill the cracks with the best materials we can get our hands on. With that said, due to so many variables, those cracks may come back or, they may be formed in a different area.
(I want someone to tell me when has mankind ever won a fight against mother nature. This is no different)

Question #4 – How long will this metallic epoxy floor last?
-This is always the million-dollar question that most people do not have the answer to; neither do we. A well-maintained metallic epoxy floor should last at least a decade, maybe more. It may need a recoat somewhere around every so often depending on the wear and tear on the floor.   

Question #5 – “Well maintained?” What exactly do I need to do?
– Just clean it; sweep and mop.
Take care of it as you would with anything else. Spill something on it? clean it up.

Question #6 – Vapor barrier, in your professional experience, luxury or required?
In short; depending on the location, both.
We will MOST DEFINITELY, IN DETAIL, explain this part of the process when giving you your quote.
Whether you believe the extra cost is worth it, that’s up to you.

Question #7 – Can this be done on the second floor of my property?
The process will be a little different since odds are, unless it’s an apartment complex, the second floor is not a concrete slab.
But yes, instead of having carpet on the second floor, let’s get a beautiful metallic epoxy floor instead!

Question #8 – Could you do this epoxy floor say, in my office?
Commercial or residential metallic epoxy floor, we got you!

Question #9 – How about in my garage?
Absolutely! Why not?
As long as you remember to shut the garage door when not in use.
It’ll work just fine as long as the sun isn’t beating on it day in, day out.

Question #10 – Can I get your materials at Home Depot or Lowes?
The materials we use to do your floor is NOT one of those “diy metallic epoxy floor kits” or anything along the lines of that you purchase at your local box store for a couple to a few hundred dollars; not even close.
We use industrial grade materials in order to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Question#11 – Could this be done in a day?
– Not a chance in hell! hahahaha lol.
What you’re used to seeing done in a day are those 1 day garage epoxy floors
(Which we believe, for the vast majority of time, are NOT your best option, by the way. Click here “1-day epoxy floors worth it?” to learn more)
The materials cure way too fast and therefore, cannot “melt” and with one another to give you that beautiful artwork you wanted in the first place.

Question #12 – Why does my floor not look perfectly glass like smooth?
Presumably everything went smoothly, you have two likely scenarios:
– Scenario One: while the topcoat is curing, there’s a good chance that dust will fall on it and settle on top. With time, as you use the floor, it will wear away. It’s normal.
– Scenario Two:  that same “sandy” look would be if we make it slip resistant.
Aluminum Oxide is added to the mix in order to give it grip.

The best way to attempt, not even guarantee, dust from falling into the topcoat as it is curing is to literally plastic off the walls, ceiling, vents, and anything else that could POSSIBLY be a source of dust.
We’ll gladly do it, but that step costs extra.

Question #13 – There is a bug stuck on my floor! How do we fix it?
Since we have already left, it must be in the topcoat.
Very CAREFULLY remove the bug/spider/etc. with a new boxcutter or something very very sharp. Once the thing is gone, lightly sand the infected area.
Keep in mind though, there’s a good chance the shadow of the bug will still somewhat show.

Bugs, flies, those are harder to keep out. Best way to attempt that one would be to literally tape off every possible nook and cranny the bugs can get into.
That step cost extra as well.

Did we miss anything?
Let us know if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns about our metallic epoxy floor service.

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